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High voltage DC relays for new energy
vehicle solutions

Program Overview:As the main circuit of the new energy vehicle is DC and high voltage, the arc produced is difficult to extinguish. If the arc is not extinguished promptly and simply, it may lead to leakage electricity, fire, explosion and other extreme conditions. Therefore, the power supply circuit of the new energy vehicle must be equipped with high voltage DC relay which with a very strong arc extinguishing ability of the safety interruption equipment. Hongfa high voltage DC relay has the characteristics of fast operation, small volume, high arc extinguishing safety, high operational reliability and long life. After more than ten years of technological development, through technical input and R&D cooperation with many mainstream automobile and battery electric control plants at home and abroad, a number of mature product lines with high performance-price ratio have been formed, which have all-round product solutions for main circuit control, pre-charging circuit control and charging control, and are widely used in electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and charging facilities.


  •  High reliable products, safety and performance guaranteed.
    The main series of products are ceramic gas seal structure, with no arc leakage risk, higher reliability than other types of products; products have outstanding performance in terms of electrical endurance and short-circuit current capacity to meet complex operating conditions in vehicle and the whole vehicle warranty life requirements.
  •  Mass-producing,product quality assurance
    Hongfa high voltage DC relays have been installed in many domestic and foreign brands of new energy passenger cars, logistic vehicles, bus, etc. After customer and market testing, Hongfa becomes one of the few large-scale suppliers in the world, and through automated production to make products have high reliability and consistency.
  • Complete series and specifications to meet customized needs.
    With square, circular shell and horizontal, vertical installation and other products series, flexible installation, diverse selection, load coverage to meet various types of selection and installation needs, as well as seamless switching needs.
  •  High quality service, Hongfa understands customers better.
    With many years of technology accumulation and product development, through the global major automobile manufacturers, battery plants, first-class suppliers of synchronous cooperation and development, as well as a large number of products in the actual operation experience, so that Hongfa better understands customer needs, can provide more professional selection suggestions and services.

The sketches and products on this page are only typical application sketches and some product recommendations. For detailed application and solutions of the products, please contact Hongfa to obtain more appropriate product recommendation.


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