History - Xiamen HongFa Electric Power Controls CO.,LTD.

Xiamen HongFa Electric Power Controls CO.,LTD.

Hongfa keeps transcending itself over the 30 years’ development. With the struggle in the start-up period and the expansion in the scale-up period, Hongfa entered the third phase of development after the shareholding reform in 2008. Hongfa maintained a clear head in the fierce competition and strived to explore both domestic and foreign markets. It now has developed from a small relay factory into an important relay R&D and manufacturing base with the advantage in scale, management and technology.Hongfa is now leading in the industry with outstanding performance.



Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd. Was founded with an initial capital of 3,600,000 RMB.

Start-up stage


Guo Manjin was appointed the General Manager of the company. The new leading team decided to take relays as major products and to set the company as an export-oriented company.


'Persevere for progress; Strive for excellence’ was proposed as business philosophy and later, the company spirit. Total turnover ranked No.1 in Chinese relay industry for the first time.


Hongmei Electrical Co.,Ltd. was founded as the first member in Hongfa Group. Overseas sales amount surpassed domestic sales amount for the first time.


Hongfa Building was put into use. Hongfa made its debut on China's top 100 Electrical Component Enterprises. ISO9002 Certification was gained.


Xiamen Jinghe Electronic Automation Co., Ltd. was founded with the ability to start independent automatic assembly production line R&D.

Scale-up stage


Employees started to own company stock after restructuring. Siemens D2 production line was introduced to Hongfa successfully. First relay patent was gained.


Endorsed Corporate System Reform, leading to the shareholding by the staff (XIAMEN JINHEJIE INVESTMENT & HOLDING CO.,LTD ). The facility in Jimei put into use.


Hongfa test center was set up.


Hongfa Europe GmbH was founded to accelerate the pace of international operation.


The first postdoctoral research station in relay industry in China was founded.


Hongfa America, Inc. was founded. Hongfa brand relay was awarded the honorable title of ‘China’s Top Brand Product’. Sichuan Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd. was founded with a 200,000,000 RMB investment . Preside over the formulation of six national standards, first company in China.

Brand-enhancement stage


Shareholding reform was finished and Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd. was founded. Hongfa technical center was awarded ‘National Acknowledged Enterprise Technical Center’. New development positioning was formulated: diversifying and improving relay products to mobilize the mutual development of related products and industry chains; exploring foreign market and consolidating domestic market to be major relay manufacturer and supplier in the world .


Issue additional shares to the managers and key staff, enabling them to be the largest shareholder of the company.


Hongfa Brand was awarded the honorable title of ‘Chinese Famous Trademark’. The twelfth Five-Year Plan was released officially.


Hongfa (600885) went public successfully after the official approval of CSRC.


Hongfa was identified as the first batch national IPR demonstration enterprise. Hongfa Group achieved first successful fund-raising. HF-MKIS gained certificate of computer software copyrights.


Hongfa ranked on the list of China Top 100 Electronic Components Enterprises for the first time. Construction of Hicang Base, Xi’an Base, Chengdu (Sichuan) Base and HESC II was started. Hongfa celebrated its 30th anniversary.


Wholly purchased 100% equity of America KG. Hongfa became the first Chinese enterprise passed American UL standards.